Dancing Aesthesia

Claire Vionnet’s Dancing Aesthesia blends dance with arts-based research and research-creation, fostering intimacy exploration through co-creation. Participants share stories, invent exercises, and engage in embodied experiences.

Engaging with Sufi Heritage

The project explores and engages with the critical expression of Sufi heritage and identity in Sindh, Pakistan.

Music, Sound, and Conflict​

The research blog Music, Sound, and Conflict examines the political role of music and sound in violence and resistance, exploring how sonic practices shape political identities, collective memory, and social justice struggles in various regimes.

Collaborative Learning

Collaborative Learning in History and Anthropology bridges Bern and Cairo. Students engage in shared readings, weekly discussions, and a collaborative workshop, using alternative pedagogies and self-directed education to co-produce knowledge in English and Arabic.

Silberne Gespräche

Sabine van Erp Pixabay

Das Projekt «Silberne Gespräche» bringt aktuelle geisteswissenschaftliche Forschung in Dialog mit der außerakademischen Gesellschaft, besonders älteren Menschen, und schafft so einen Austausch zwischen Generationen zu gemeinsamen Forschungsthemen.


Hypnopompia explores the blurred aspects of socio-cultural identity through collaborative portraits and biographies, revealing new concepts of identity and the complex realities of social spaces influenced by biological and cultural commingling.